Snuffle Mat (Small)



Rubber mat with Anti-Pill Plush Fleece

Machine Washable cold wash- Air Dry



*** choose color in shop items***

Snuffle mats are a great way to add enrichment to your dog’s life, by allowing and encouraging them to use their primary sense – smell. They are thousands of times better at smelling than humans!

Other bonuses of snuffle mats include slowing down feed times and providing mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp and to prevent boredom. Additional colors available on product page after selecting this item

Introducing your snuffle mat to your dog

The first time you give a snuffle mat to your dog, place the treats/kibble on top, then progressively make it harder by burying the treats/kibble further into the snuffle mat, so that they really have to use their noses and snuffle to find the goodies.

For countless dog owners, things can quickly get out of hands when their pets get a little too excited. There are many ways to curb destructive behavior and engage your pooch in a more productive activity. Snuffle mats for dogs are excellent at just this!


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