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Doggone Good Bully Treats 6″

There are definite advantages to choosing bully sticks over rawhide, especially in terms of safety: Bully sticks are an all natural, long-lasting dog treat made from beef muscle. No chemicals are used in this product. Bull sticks can be consumed or chewed up and they breakdown quickly in the stomach, rather than causing swelling in the gut (asContinue reading “Doggone Good Bully Treats 6″”

Doggone Good Paw Balm: TLC for Your Fur Baby’s Paws!

As loving pet parents, there are plenty of things we need to watch out for. Dry, irritated skin – specifically on your pets paw or snout – is one of them. Fortunately,  paw balm can help with this! When used on dog/cat paw pads or your their little nose, paw balm is great at soothing yourContinue reading “Doggone Good Paw Balm: TLC for Your Fur Baby’s Paws!”

What unique thing is your pet trained to do?

What unique and useful thing is your pet trained to do? Your pet may have taught themselves when they figured out it was useful, or you may have taught them. How did they learn it? Please share your stories below. I noticed that every time Kai was outside barking at squirrels I would call herContinue reading “What unique thing is your pet trained to do?”

“Help! My Human Went Back to Work” – Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Many of us have been forced from the work office into makeshift home-work spaces. Dining room tables are now makeshift desks, couches are now for conference meetings and our only co-workers are our pets. Many of our pets are enjoying the luxuries of having their humans home all the time. They’re enjoying more exercise andContinue reading ““Help! My Human Went Back to Work” – Separation Anxiety in Dogs”

How To clean your Dog’s Ears

Whether you’re a new dog owner or have a multi-dog household, something like cleaning your dog’s ears may feel overwhelming. Also, your dog’s ears may be sensitive so it can be a scary process for the both of you. I recommend consulting with your veterinarian regarding whether your dog’s ears need to be cleaned andContinue reading “How To clean your Dog’s Ears”

Oral Hygiene Tips and Facts for Dogs and Cats

According to the AVMA, more than 85% of dogs and cats that are at least four years old have a condition in which bacteria attack the soft gum tissue. This condition is called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the final stage in a process that begins with the development of plaque on your pet’s teeth.Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Tips and Facts for Dogs and Cats”

3 things to add to your dogs food for a shinier coat

To keep our dog’s skin and coat healthy, supplements may first come to mind, especially oils and powders. However, whole foods deserve a closer look for naturally elegant results. The answer to a healthy coat could already be in your pantry. Here are our top 3 suggestions: Eggs Eggs are nutritional powerhouses containing the mostContinue reading “3 things to add to your dogs food for a shinier coat”

7 Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Spend a few minutes with any dog and you’ll likely catch a whiff of his breath because dogs aren’t shy. They also aren’t known for fresh-smelling mouths. But bad breath isn’t just an unpleasant thing for you—it can mean something serious for your pup. Sometimes a simple tooth brushing might suffice, but other times, badContinue reading “7 Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath”

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