Hi everybody, I’m Alex.

I rescued this sweet baby girl who was very sick and sad. We brought her home and after taking her to the vet and being treated for canine influenza she started to pep up. We gave her premium dog food, and she was great with that but when we would give her store bought treats she was having stomach issues and between throwing up or just acting sickly, I decided to make my own treats for her so that I knew exactly what was in them. How could I deprive this sweet girl of treats? 

  The difference was astonishing. I did not realize store bought Treats had so many things that can upset her tummy. She loved them, she would know when I walked to that jar she was getting something yummy! After a few friends found out I was doing this they wanted to try them for the same reasons and recommend I sell them because they were so loved by their dogs. I have not looked back since. I am now known as the treat lady to all my regular furry customers and to see the wagging tails and all the kisses I get from them makes my heart melt! They are not only my customers but also a part of my heart. I make my treats with love of all the fur babies like they are my own. 

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