Doggone Good Paw Balm: TLC for Your Fur Baby’s Paws!

As loving pet parents, there are plenty of things we need to watch out for.

Dry, irritated skin – specifically on your pets paw or snout – is one of them.

Fortunately,  paw balm can help with this! When used on dog/cat paw pads or your their little nose, paw balm is great at soothing your furry friend’s discomfort. It’s especially a great holistic option to turn to during the cold, winter months or when you and your fur baby are enjoying outdoor excursions!

Doggone Good Paw Balm: What Is It?

As humans, we wear shoes whenever we leave the house. Unfortunately, our pets don’t have the same luxury. Instead, their skin consistently comes into contact with the great outdoors. This constant exposure can eventually lead to cracked paws.

This is where paw balm comes in!

Doggone Good Paw Balm consists of soothing ingredients , such as coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and lavender oil. These ingredients act as a healing moisturizer for your pet’s skin. The reason they work so well is because they naturally contain vitamins that promote healthy skin cell growth as well as other ingredients that balance the oils on your skin.

The result? A holistic moisturizing agent that can keep your pet’s paws healthy while also providing ultimate protection against the elements of the great outdoors.

Why Use Doggone Good Paw Balm?

Paw pads end up getting the brunt of any impact whenever your pet walks, runs, jumps, and plays. Needless to say, over the years, your pets paw pads will end up seeing a lot of action, and the constant stress can eventually take a toll, resulting in hardened skin.

Paw pad skin can also harden as your pets age. In some cases, this can lead to discomfort in your seniors because the flexibility of his paw pads has diminished.

Pets who are outdoor enthusiasts or who serve as working dogs in tough conditions (sled dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc.) are also susceptible to paw pad issues. In these cases, their paw pad skin will typically form a thick layer of protective cells to serve as a shield against their environment. This becomes problematic because the paw pads often become too hard.

In each of these scenarios, hard skin becomes ground zero for several paw pad issues such as drying and cracking, which can be painful for your pets and which can ultimately lead to infections.

Doggone Good paw balm, however, will soothe your pet’s skin by providing much-needed, moisturizing relief and hydration, two factors that are essential in keeping your dog’s paws healthy, strong, and able to weather Mother Nature.

Dry Pet Nose

Just like paws, a pets nose can also become dry and irritated. This is especially the case during the winter months. In the same way that our lips tend to become chapped more regularly when the temperatures drop, our pets also deal with dry noses when those cold fronts move in.

Since their nose is the number one tool when it comes to exploring the world and their most powerful sense in general, an irritated snout is the last thing your four-legged friend would want to deal with!

Fortunately, Doggone Good paw balm also doubles as a general pet balm that can also be used on your pets nose. As a result, the balm will soothe that aching nose and help your fur baby get back to their sniffing adventures in no time–without any of the discomfort!


Hyperkeratosis is a condition that results in the thickening of the skin in certain places. The condition is found in humans and animals alike. This unique, medical phenomenon occurs when the body produces too much keratin, leading to excessive skin buildup.

In pets, the buildup from hyperkeratosis will occur on the paw pads and/or on the nose. The thick, hard skin that develops can become tough and extremely painful.

Many pet parents dealing with hyperkeratosis in their dogs will turn to paw balm as a way to soothe the irritated skin. The balm will not only provide a protective layer around the skin but will also lock in much-needed moisture, potentially preventing the condition from worsening.

Cold Weather or Hot Weather

We normally don’t think too much about how the weather might affect our dog’s feet, but remember: unlike people, pets don’t wear shoes whenever they go outside. As a result, their paw pads are constantly exposed to the elements, which can result in a number of problems.

We already touched upon the way winter conditions can affect their nose, but ice and snow can also take a toll on paws, leading to cracked skin or even frostbite. To combat this, regularly using paw balm will equip your dog’s paw pads with the perfect shield against the elements.

But it’s not just cold weather pet parents should be prepared for. Hot weather comes with its own unique challenges, especially for those who live in areas where conditions can become extremely hot and humid during the summer months.

It’s been estimated that asphalt can be anywhere from 40-60 degrees hotter than the surrounding air temperature. This means that if you live in an area that normally sees summer temperatures in the eighties or nineties, the temperature of the surface of your neighborhood streets can be in the triple digits!

That’s hot enough to burn your pets paw pads.

Generally, you should always walk your dog on grassy areas on hot days. Light-colored sidewalks can also be a great option, provided the surface is cool enough. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t hold the back of your hand to any pavement for more than five seconds because it’s too hot, then it’s unsafe for your dog’s paws.

To soothe paws that have become irritated as a result of hot weather or that have blistered because of burns, you can turn to paw palm to ease any discomfort and support your dog’s skin health.

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